How it works

Imagine the look of surprise on your special someone’s face when you gift them a private video message from the person who inspires them most. Just think of the elation, the tears of joy, the squeals of delight.

That’s a whole lot of happiness for very little effort. In fact, making someone’s day – or month, or year – is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4. Just follow the simple steps below.

Step 1

Pick a personality

Choose your favourite from a lengthy list of sports stars, comedians, actors, DJs, celebrity chefs and more. If you’re a brand or company wanting to book a shout-out for promotional purposes, look out for talent advertising corporate rates.

Step 2

Place your order

Complete a booking form and give your chosen famous figure instructions for the video. The more specific you can be, the better.

Step 3

Pay with peace of mind

Pay for your order by entering your details into our secure online portal. As soon as you’re done with this less exciting bit, your request will be sent to the talent. They’ll then have 7 days to accept and record. If they decline your request (yes, they can do that), or fail to fulfil your order within a week, we’ll let you know and reunite you with your hard-earned cash.

Step 4

Receive your video

Once the talent has worked their magic, we’ll WhatsApp and email you a link to your video. You can then download, share and enjoy your special someone’s reaction! The finished product will be stored under “My videos” on your user profile, where you can also rate and review it.

Have any questions?

Read answers to FAQs questions here:

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Have any questions?
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Want to register as talent?

If you’re a celebrity, a VIP, an MVP or anyone with a following, we’d love to have you join the family. To register for video bookings, download the myFanPark app and follow the prompts.